Thursday, August 20, 2009

Day Four Trusses and Mud And Lots Of Rain

Dad and Cyrus swapping stories about their crazy kids.
A view from the top of the world:-)
We had no shortage of mud today, plenty to go around.
Ben and I put a fey finishing touches on the cuopala before it goes up tomorrow. He worked pretty hard today.
We had the first truss in the air this morning about 8:45, just about the time it started raining. So we all got a little on the muddy side.
Here is today's crew from the left Cye, My Dad, Bob, Ron, Ben, and Me, O and Cooper and Pepper:)
The last truss is up, 9 total, Bob, Ben, Ron, Doug. For being so tall, Ron did a great job of squaring things up, everything came out to within fractions of an inch, Thanks Ron.
Ben and Bob bringing in the next truss.
Here is Cyrus and his big rig, they did all the heavy lifting today. Cy and his wife Kay are friends from church.

All and All A pretty productive day considering the weather, one that non of us will forget for a while. Still waiting for the roof steel to show up, maybe tomorrow. There is supposed to be better weather coming anyway. The cruiser barn or my brother calls it the man barn is starting to take shape now. Thanks everyone for your help.

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